It all started when…

I was born at Luke Air Force Base in Glendale, Arizona. My family moved to Oregon when I was 11.

We started in Albany in the mid-Willamette Valley then moved to Redmond and finally to Salem. I went to high school in Redmond, finished in Salem, then went on to college in Newberg at what was then George Fox College. I finished with my Bachelor of Science in History at what was then called Southern Oregon State College in Ashland.

My broadcast career started with a college station in 1979. Over the years I’ve worked in Medford, Ashland, Dallas, Coos Bay, Roseburg, Hilo Hawaii, Lahaina Hawaii, Bend, Prineville and most recently in Salem-Keizer. Being a deejay was my life’s dream, I love music and I love talking so I did that for 30 years but found a real calling in conservative talk radio.

The Bill Post Radio Show debuted in April of 2009 on a local radio station after the first Tea Party rally at the Oregon State Capitol. I felt there was a need for a talk show that focused completely on Oregon stories, the Legislature, candidates, officials and local news. I have interviewed just about every member of the Republican caucus in both the House and Senate over the years, gubernatorial and congressional candidates, and talked to a lot of wonderful people who work in policy and think tanks for conservative politics.

It was through all of these experiences that I finally concluded that there is so much more that should be done by our legislature to get our state back on track. I ran for and was elected to the Oregon Legislature as a House state representative. I served from January of 2015 to November 30, 2021 doing 3 and a half terms.

My family is precious to me! My wife, Colleen, is a long time special education teacher with incredible patience and a huge heart. She loves “her” kids and works very hard and very long hours to help them succeed. She is my treasure, the great love of my life, and my rock! My son, Kai, is a wonderful young man who is desiring to be successful and I love him dearly as well as his awesome wife Hannah.

I am so proud of my father, Ron Post, who is the founder and President Emeritus of Northwest Medical Teams International. He has helped countless thousands all over the world, feeding, clothing and meeting their needs. He is a great man. My mother is Jean Post and she is an inspiration to me at all times. She loves me unconditionally and has always been there whenever I needed her.

In September of 2021, after receiving a job offer that was just really good, Colleen and I decided to move to a place we’ve always looked at as a place to land. Fallon Nevada. We are in love with our new home. So, you’ll end up seeing a lot of desert photos here!

My new job is being a political campaign consultant with Intisar Strategies helping Oregon House, Senate, Governor and local campaigns. We are looking at a busy 2022. I will be very much involved in Oregon’s future while also learning about the politics of my new home.

UPDATE: I am not only helping in Oregon, but now I am running for Churchill County School Board Trustee in Fallon Nevada. I’m trying to make a difference wherever I am!


I hope this helps you know me just a little bit better. Thank you so much for visiting my site!