Get a Yard Sign Today, Plus More on School Board Campaign

I was driving around town today and saw a few yard signs for Churchill County School Board candidates. I love seeing them (even the other candidates!).

I have about 25 or so left from the 100 I originally purchased and I’d LOVE to deliver one or more to you! Just click on the GET YARD SIGN button on the front page of this website and it will take you to an order page where you give me your name and address and I will deliver them personally!

While we’re talking about the school board campaign, I want to point out to you that there will be a Candidate Night Forum on October 18th at 6pm at the Fallon Convention Center. It’s a joint effort by The Fallon Post and Lahontan Valley News. I don’t have much more in details but I have heard that it might be broadcast on local radio and a live stream. I am looking forward to addressing the voters of Churchill County and answering the panelist’s questions.

If you are frustrated with anything going on in our district right now, I urge you to write me anytime. My email is:

I want to also tell you that when you receive your ballot, if you are voting by mail or doing early voting, it will say “Vote for Up To 4” on the school board race. There are 7 total candidates running for those four slots. Two of them are current board members. If you are wanting new blood, new ideas and fresh faces, then vote accordingly.












You do not HAVE to vote for 4. It’s “up to 4”. I am urging you to vote for just 2: Joe McFadden and Bill Post. I don’t have any recommendations after that. I know that Joe and I are very, very similar in our beliefs and our desires as board trustees. I support him and he supports me.

We will have a very important joint announcement about the campaign in the next few days that I think will excite people in the county! Look for that soon.

Lastly, I have had people ask “what will you do if elected?” It’s simple: I will work hard to make sure our teachers get what they deserve. Our bus drivers and support staff will be honored and respected. Our students will have clear choices about what the future holds for them. I will hold the Superintendent and staff to a high standard. I will hold that same standard for myself and the other board members. We WILL bring about a change of thinking and bring fresh ideas and an “outside” perspective. I am not “tied” to any “Old Fallon” folks. I respect them, I honor them but I am not “beholding” to them. There are now more of me in Churchill County then there are of the “old families”. I hope that they know that. I hope that they realize there’s need for a “letting go” of the reins and letting others take them up. It’s with love and respect for all that they have done to make Fallon…..Fallon. I want to continue their legacy but with new ideas and fresh perspectives.

Again, email me anytime with thoughts and questions.

Thank you and thank you for reading this!

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