Primary Election Day in Nevada

Wow, I voted IN PERSON today!! At a real polling booth. With real elections workers and a real “I Voted” sticker!

And it was packed when I went and the word I’ve heard is there were lines all day at the Fallon Convention Center and you know what? EVERYONE was excited to vote!

You see, unlike Oregon, which forces everyone to fill out a ballot and mail or drop it off at a drop box, Nevada wisely gives you options. You can mail or drop a ballot for 2 weeks approximately or you can vote at the polling booth early before Election Day or you can vote ON Election Day in person.

It’s the wisest system I’ve seen. And it’s the first time (if my memory serves) that I’ve voted in person since 1994! I lived in Hawaii then and they had in person voting. After that, I lived in Oregon and had no options.

I don’t know what the turnout will be, we’ll have to wait until after 7pm tonight but, the early voting turnout was below 10% as of yesterday. So I think that Nevadans are thrilled to wait and vote in person today. AND I saw a ton of younger than me, people.

Oregon: you are not a leader, you are behind the times. Same with “motor voter”. Oregon automatically signs you up at DMV. Nevada let’s you “opt out” at DMV. Imagine that? Choice!

Voting should be easy but it should also require a little bit of work. Not everyone can go to the polls. I get that. Not everyone wants to do a ballot weeks in advance or at their kitchen table. Some just want to vote on Election Day! Count me in that group! Choice….it’s a beautiful thing!

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