The School Board Revolt Across America

The Parental School-Board Revolt Continues

Parents are TICKED OFF right now and it’s showing up all across the country in school board elections. Those school board members who locked down schools over the last two years or those who are “indoctrinating” kids into LGBTQ messages and Critical Race Theory, are paying a steep price by not being reelected to their positions.


Now I am not accusing OUR Churchill County School Board of these things. I want that to be very clear. I don’t believe they are guilty of these issues. Still, there are 4 openings on the school board in November and 7 candidates filed with 2 of them being incumbents.

Read more about the “‘revolt” in none other than the Wall Street Journal here (click on the picture for story):

I DO see issues with the district that need to be addressed.

  • Low graduation rates

  • Teacher retention

  • Chronic absenteeism

  • Low math, writing and comprehension scores

  • Lack of discipline

  • Bullying/violent behavior

The Board is elected by YOU the voters. That has to be remembered by all involved, from the voters to the Board to the administration of the district.


I am not ashamed that I am a Conservative and that my values come from my Conservative Republican ideals. If I am elected, I will stand by my Conservative convictions in EVERY vote that I take on the board and in every statement that I make. 

I am running for Churchill County School Board Trustee because I love this community and I want to make a POSITIVE difference in it! I hope that that answers some of your questions. 

Always feel free to reach out to me by email: if you have further thoughts and questions.


You can also keep up with my thoughts and activities on my Facebook page! (Click on the picture to get to my page)

I have yard signs that will be available later this summer (as there is NO primary for this school board election, I am saving them for late summer/early fall, closer to November). If you would like one, please shoot me an email so that I can add to my list and will deliver one to you later this summer.


Lastly, the hard part. Asking for your financial support. It costs money for signs, handouts, business cards and of course advertising. I believe in using local and have already placed ads in The Fallon Post and will place ads in our local radio stations. I can pay for some of that out of my own pocket but not all. I am the “new guy” so will have the toughest time getting my name ID out to the county. Would you be willing to help? It means you have “skin in the game” and it shows that you support what you’ve read here.

You can donate securely with a credit or debit card or you can mail a check by going to my Donation page:


Any amount…..$10, $25, $50 or more would be VERY much appreciated! 

Thank you for reading this newsletter and for any and all contributions whether comments, emails or actual financial help. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve this great community!

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Bill Post
Candidate for Churchill County School Board Trustee

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