LGBTQ Resources for Middle School Students at Churchill County School District Removed

Thanks to reporter, editor and publisher Rachel Dahl of the weekly The Fallon Post, today we found out that the Churchill County School District was hiding something from it’s parents.

The Churchill County Middle School website has had available for students and parents, resources on the Counseling and Guidance page where students can get help with career exploration, a program called Too Good for Drugs, tutoring, as well as LGBTQ resources.

Titled “Student-Centered LGBTQIA+ Allyship” the page is a collection of resources that students and parents can access which provides information on topics from terminology, ways to be an ally, and religious resources. The site specifically says, “This is an exclusively online project created by a queer educator, for queer students and their allies.” 

As reported by The Fallon Post, this site is no longer up and is not accessible. I was made aware of the site this weekend and took several screen shots just in case something like this happened.

First of all, here’s the story from The Fallon Post (and I cannot stress enough, you NEED to read her story FIRST!):

LGBTQ Resources for Middle School Students at Churchill County School District Removed

In that story are several screen shots that should concern any parent. Like this one which shows a middle schooler how to “quick exit” from the site in case a parent comes in (ALL pictures can be clicked on to open separately for clearer viewing):

Or this one which I can only imagine is an open invitation to predators and groomers:

These shots are taken from the now removed website as linked in The Fallon Post article. This is what the middle school kids WOULD have seen until the site was removed today:

This may all seem and might even be, innocent…until you look up some of the groups listed on that last screenshot. And all of these “resources” were until this morning, available for middle school kids to search without their parent’s knowledge.

Now, I want to be perfectly clear. I have NO….ZERO dislike, hatred or any ill thoughts toward LGBT kids or adults. For the past 20 years until recently, LGBT asked that we “cis” people “stay out of their bedrooms” and leave them alone. I agree. Now however, there is a growing movement to indoctrinate our children into LGBT issues. THAT is NOT “OK” with me. I have a feeling that most parents in Churchill County would agree with me but I want to know for sure.

I am asking you to confidentially reach out to me with your thoughts on this. I PROMISE not to reveal any names or situations. I am merely wanting to gauge our community’s thoughts on this issue. Please email me:

As your next School Board Trustee, I promise that I will always be straightforward and honest with you, never hiding anything. I want what’s best for the kids, the teachers and our community. What do you think?

Lastly, and certainly not least…..would you PLEASE subscribe to The Fallon Post? This is the kind of reporting that Rachel and her staff do every week. They are our local newspaper!

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  • Elizabeth says:

    The Nevada State Department of education sets the standards for what is taught in schools. I suggest you go their site. Look up Adolescent and School Health, then Creating Safe Schools for LGBTQt youth. You can see the learning objectives and materials, as well as web sites for students and their families. Some of the web sites look like the ones on Middle School website. School districts must comply with the standards or they may lose critical funding. By knowing what the standards are you will know if school District is complying or adding there own views and going to far.

  • Part 2: Sorry for continuation. The standards the State are using are from the CDC.. I want to be fair. If the school District copied the information from the States website, then the State is responsible. As a voter, I would like to see a positive race. Less, they did this and that, and more how you would solve the problem, how would you protect LGBTQt youth.

  • Debbie Petersteiner says:

    Our kids do not need to be “groomed “which is so wrong! Let kids be kids & not have this shoved down their throat


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