Investigation Into Bullying/Violence in Churchill County School District

I have been researching the school district for which I am running for school board trustee, Churchill County. I want to know what the issues are that concern parents, teachers, administrators and students most. While researching I came across a common theme: bullying. Apparently it’s a BIG DEAL in this district.

So I posted a “poll” on Facebook that looks like this (click on the picture to get to poll if you’d like to add your thoughts):

The poll is still open and I will update with it’s results after a few more days but what shocked me was the reactions to my Facebook post that included the link to this poll. Here is the Facebook post (again, click on the picture to go to the actual Facebook post):

This same post was shared on a popular Fallon area Facebook Group called “Fallon 411 (Original Group)” and that is where I began to see this pattern of bullying, violent behavior and fights being reported. I am going to put some of these comments here, and though they are from a public page, will not include the person’s name who wrote the comment, in order to protect their identity as I don’t have their permission. You will see a pattern develop.

Then I saw this comment:

This person reached out to me via Messenger and alerted me to the fact that there was actual video of the assault. She told me it was on an Instagram page called “Fallon Fights”. I went to that page and this is what I saw:

I’ve still not been granted access and don’t expect to, especially now after having made the account public. Apparently every kid in Fallon has seen this video but I highly doubt that many parents have seen it.

Now here’s the video. We don’t know who shot it. We only know it was at Churchill County High School, in a Special Education class and that the blonde girl (according to her foster mother who alerted me to this assault) was sent to juvenile detention while the dark haired girl (again, according to the foster mother) was not punished. I cannot corroborate or attest to any of these claims. I am merely going by the words of the foster mother.

I warn everyone, this has violence that might shock you as well as very foul language.


I am stunned and shocked. I am NOT putting any blame on ANY one or any group or anything at all. I am merely trying to get to the bottom of this. I greatly appreciate all of the comments, messages, emails and calls I’ve received in the last couple of days.

I promise if elected to the school board, I will continue to find out what is going on and I will promise to do ALL that I can to stop this sort of behavior in it’s tracks.

I also urge all not only here in Churchill County but in all of Nevada in joining Sheriff Joe Lombardo in condemning the school violence and urging your Assembly and Senate members to repeal AB168.

Feel free to continue to message, email or Facebook comment to me. Also, sign up for my newsletter where I share all that I know as often as I can. You can find it on the front right of my website.

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