Why Run for School Board in Churchill County Nevada?

Hello. I keep getting asked two questions by locals in Fallon.

1 – Why did you move here?

2 – Why run for school board?

So here’s a quick post answering both.

My wife and I started visiting Fallon about 6 years ago. We fell in love right away. The small town atmosphere….the desert all around town yet theĀ  GREENWAVE of beauty in “the Oasis of Nevada”. We just couldn’t stop talking about it. We came back several times over the last few years and when the time was right, we made the move in September of 2021. I mean who can resist it’s charm?

Question two is even easier to answer. When I live somewhere, I believe one should serve that somewhere. I believe the school board needs a “kick in the pants”. There’s good people on it…no doubt but they have forgotten who put them there….the voters of Churchill County. They answer to the voters. Not the “hired help”.

It’s time for the board to take back control of the district and make some serious changes. We all know the graduation rates are low, the teacher retention rates are low, the absenteeism is high and more and more every day that I listen to teachers, bus drivers, food workers, students, parents and administrators. It’s time for real change.

I’ve been a strong proponent of Conservative, family values my entire life and especially as as State Legislator in Oregon. I bring that background, experience and desire to Fallon.

I hope you’ll consider that when it’s time to vote in November. I promise you…it will NOT be “business as usual”.

I hope, if you believe in what I believe, that we can turn this county school district around…you’ll not only vote for me…but consider donating to my campaign. I intend to have signs, newspaper ads, radio ads and digital ads like you’ve never seen before. I could use your help. Please click on the DONATE button on my front page and give $10, $25, $50 or more to help me get the word out?

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