I HAD to get involved in local politics

Well, I just had to….I felt the call to serve my new community so I answered that call. On March 7th I officially filed for the office of Churchill County School Board Trustee.

After years of begging people for years to run for school board, water board, fire board any local position, I felt it was time to take my own urging and act upon it.

The school board in Churchill County (all of the schools are located in the county seat: Fallon) consists of seven members called “trustees”. Three of them are up for reelection in 2024 and four are up this year. So far, according to the County Clerk’s office, seven persons have filed for those four seats.

The election works this way: if 9 persons file by the deadline Friday the 18th of March, then they will be in a primary election on June 14th and the top 8 finishers will move on to the November General Election. If less than 9 file, there will be no primary and the candidates will all move on to the November General Election where the top 4 will be chosen to fill the four seats.

I am of course the “new kid” in town, so I have a lot of work to do whether there’s a primary or not. As you most likely know, name recognition means everything. So, I have to get out in the community and talk to people, which I’ve already started doing.

It also means yard signs, ads in the local newspaper and radio station, letters etc. That means I need your help. This will not be like a State Legislator race where we need thousands of dollars. I think a few hundred dollars will be more than enough.

Still, I want anyone who supports me, to have the opportunity to contribute and be a working partner with me. So I ask you, would you be willing to send $5, $10, $25 or more to my campaign?

I’ve created a new Anedot account for taking donations or you can mail a check to:

Friends of Bill Post 728 Keppel St. Fallon, NV 89406

Thank you for your past and future support as I continue to serve wherever I am!

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  • Rexine MacFarlane says:

    I will be happy to make a donation to your campaign. Oregon has lost a tremendous Conservative representative but let’s transfer your value to Fallon, NV


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