Survey says: Oregonians DO NOT feel safe

In a press release sent out Tuesday February 15, 2022 by the Oregon District Attorneys Association it was made very clear that Oregonians aren’t happy with the safety of their communities and it’s not just Portland.

In a poll included in the press release by an overwhelming number, Oregonians feel less safe and less optimistic about Oregon’s future.

Íž”The survey data reflects exactly what our elected District Attorneys hear in our communities across the State every day, from Oregon City to Salem to Medford and Pendleton. The general public is concerned about their safety and the policies coming out of the State Legislature and from the Governor” said ODAA President and Marion County District Attorney Paige Clarkson.

As you will see in the poll, just as DA Clarkson pointed out, much of the concern is directly a result of “lame duck” Gov. Kate Brown and the progressive members of the Oregon Legislature.

The survey and press release can be found here:


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  • Rose Fleming says:

    We are seeing what has been allowed to grow and fester in Portland, all along the I5 corridor. That is a direct result of liberals in government. They changed the illegal drug carry allowance to allow people to do what are addictive drugs. Then the chop shops, already fully established in multiple areas grew as well. Those chop shops, in turn, started hiring the drug addicts and homeless to steal property (cars, trucks, trailers, motor bikes etc.), paying them just enough to keep them in drugs and knowing they would keep coming back for more. Now add to this the defunding (AKA moving funds around while depleting the funds needed for “beat cops,” then replacing them, to a lesser number, with non police trained groups with are not proving to be of any great benefit to citizens.

    I see so many reports of theft within the above crimes listed. Lookup NW Stolen Cars on Facebook to become enlightened just how big the problem is and it is spreading far and wide. I have had to put surveillance cameras on my house in rural Clackamas County and I live in the largest HOA in our area. Sandy, Oregon experiences prowlers and theft nightly. No, we do not feel safe. We use to, not anymore and most certainly not since Kate Brown became Governor and our Legislature went Super Majority and don’t get me started on that sorry excuse of a DA in Portland.


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