Super Bowl Halftime Shows

Ok we’re less than a week out from Super Bowl XLVI (for the non Latin speakers I believe that’s 56!) and we’re a LONG ways away from Super Bowl I which was actually called the “NFL/AFL Championship” and featured a halftime show of a marching band, Al Hirt on trumpet and a “James Bond” style dude in a rocket launcher!

A recent article in an Oregon newspaper made me think, “I need my own list”. Here’s there top 10 and bottom 3.

So I kind of agree with some of this…..I do think Prince, singing “Purple Rain” IN the rain was pretty cool and quite magical so I agree with it being #1. But I think they left some big ones off. So, with the help of my YouTube search, I found my top 10 (no commentary from me, just let the videos do the talkin’!) Oh and some you have to click through to YouTube to watch.

#10 – Madonna 2012

#9 – Chubby Checker, The Rockettes and 88 Grand Pianos 1988

#8 – The Who 2010

#7 – Diana Ross 1996

#6 – The Rolling Stones 2006

#5 – Paul McCartney 2005

#4 – Bruce Springsteen 2009

#3 – Michael Jackson 1993

#2 – U2 2002

#1 – Prince 2007

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