The Pandemic inside the Pandemic

As a former member of the Oregon Legislature, I was involved in the bills that banned plastic bags (HB 2509 in 2019 session, by the way, I voted NO!) and the ban on plastic straws (SB 90 in 2019, I voted NO again!) and the ban on styrofoam take out containers (HB 2883 passed the House, failed in the Senate and again I voted NO). All were deemed “important for the environment” though deadly to Oregon businesses.

Then came 2020 and the Covid pandemic. Masks, surgical gowns, plastic shields, gloves, test kits, swabs and so much more are choking our oceans and streams and piling up in our streets and on our sidewalks…..yet NO ONE is addressing this. Because “pandemic you know!”.

It is estimated that globally, over 5 billion surgical masks are discarded DAILY!!

I thought this story out of Texas covered this issue very well:

More than 8 million tons of masks and Pandemic related waste polluting oceans, beaches, study says

Meanwhile, I chose a few pictures to illustrate the issue. This is even more illustrative of the fact that the very same people who pushed these bills as listed above, are now pushing mask mandates, testing mandates and vaccine mandates.  Even CNN said that “Covid waste will result in masks than jellyfish in our oceans”.

When will it end? Where will it end?


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