An Historic Plaque Returned to its Rightful Place in La Plata Nevada

In mid to late October, my wife and I were out exploring the desert and mountains around Fallon Nevada and found ourselves on a dirt road that wound around the hills and valleys just east of Stillwater Wildlife Refuge. Here is its location on a Google map:


La Plata was once the County Seat for Churchill County and according to “Forgotten Nevada” was a fairly busy and prosperous mining community in the late 1860’s. Please read the history here on their website: Forgotten Nevada: La Plata.

After a fairly rough ride to the town’s site, we enjoyed roaming the ruins of the town and the beauty of the hills, trails and other scenery around the area. Before leaving we noticed a concrete monument in the front of what is left of one of the main buildings. It was obvious that the monument once held a plaque or some sort of marker. As you can see in the picture below.


According to the above website from Forgotten Nevada, the plaque was indeed there and was indeed stolen sometime in 2010. It appears to be of a bronze or brass material, so I am thinking it’s of some value to thieves. Here is what the plaque looked like back in 2010.

When we arrived back at my home, I immediately posted a picture of the blank monument and the above picture of what had once been there, to several Fallon Facebook pages letting folks know what a shame it was and that I would be willing to donate toward replacing it.

What happened next was a true “small town experience”. Julia Bennett, a long time Fallon resident, contacted me via email and let me know that she would be willing to make a new plaque, only out of granite so that the “value” wouldn’t be that of the previous plaque. She only asked that I take it back up there and install it!

So, this past Saturday, December 11th, my wife and I went back up the road to La Plata and with epoxy and cement provided by Julia, put the new plaque in place.

Now I hope and pray that it will remain in place for many, many years and that others who are curious explorers like us will go out to see the ghost town and it’s historic marker! I couldn’t thank Julia enough and hope that you’ll pay a visit to La Plata. Be sure to read the Forgotten Nevada article posted at the top of this article and get the whole story on the town before visiting. They also have good advice on the trip itself. I am honored to be able to return this plaque to its rightful “owner”.

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  • There should be someone to guide us new residents on how to get to these treasured areas safely without getting lost in the dessert. Especially for us seniors with health issues like mobility. No way of knowing where it would be safe or where 4 wheel drive is necessary. A small donation would help preserve those areas.


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