Oregon Legislative Special Session on Rent is Unnecessary

On Monday December 13th, the Oregon Legislature has been called into a special session to address rent and renter assistance. There’s at least one good story covering this here from KATU.

According to my sources at Multifamily NW (see site here) there is ZERO need for this session. In my estimation there at least three good reasons NOT to have this session:

1 – Oregon Housing and Community Services (a State agency) has failed numerous times to do it’s job right. The latest is an ongoing failure to deliver the entirety of the Landlord Compensation Fund months after the program closed. Also, the revelation of the no-bid contract with Alita 360 – and then expanding that contract to cover the
Oregon Emergency Rental Assistance Program. The problem is NOT a legislative one, nor a policy issue…it’s a state agency issue.

2 – Margaret Salazar, the director of OHCU should have been terminated long ago. It’s another unelected bureaucrat who’s obviously not qualified for this job. As usual, Agency Directors are chosen by the Governor at their time of appointment. They are usually “political rewards”.

3 – The biggest reason this special session is being held is to further help the campaign for Governor by House Speaker Tina Kotek. That is NOT what the legislature is for.

Below is the letter from Multifamily NW to the Governor.


I do hope that the House and Senate Republicans have no intention of legitimizing this by showing up on Monday.


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