Mask Hypocrisy on Display by Oregon Democrat Leaders

Update: The fawning of Oregon media continues as they cover for the disgraceful Governor. See this absolutely ridiculous story at the O:

And this tweet from a KGW reporter:

In Washington DC this last weekend, an LGBTQ+ fundraiser was held for Democrats across the country. Social media blew up this morning when pictures started popping up of Oregon Governor Kate Brown and Oregon House Speaker Tina Kotek (who is running for Governor) appear to be unmasked in a very large crowded room.

Most of the mainstream Oregon media is fawning this off with the statement made by Brown’s advisor which is found in this illustration.

Here is Gov. Brown, obviously giving a speech…..or eating…..or taking pictures with attendees?

Of course the fawning writers and reporters in Oregon media continue to cover for Brown and Kotek even though there are more and more pictures to counter this statement. When asked, the reporter said they didn’t see the issue as DC has no indoor mask mandate and all were vaccinated.


Here is Kate with friends….. and below on the far left of the picture is Tina Kotek maskless.







Why is this a big deal anyway? Because, these same people are going to establish a permanent mask rule in Oregon.


So far only Fox News has picked up this story nationally and hopefully more will by tonight. “Rules are for thee…..not for me”.

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