Cook Report: Republicans Could Flip Governor Seats in 2022

This just in from the Cook Political Report, there is some definite movement in several states toward Republican flips of Governor’s seats.

In Oregon the state has gone from “Solid D” to “Likely D” and that’s not happened in a long time. I believe that this is due to the “Betsy Johnson factor”. She is doing exactly what I predicted: taking Moderate Democrat voters away from the party which has gone very far left in recent years. Does this mean a Republican can win in Oregon? Yes and No. It is still a solid blue state but, this new “factor” could change things up a bit.

In Nevada the state has gone from “Lean D” to “Tossup” which is really great news for the Silver State. There are several GOP candidates that I will report more on later as the primary is quite a ways off yet.

And as you can see, Wisconsin and Michigan are now in the “Tossup” column. 2022 is looking to be a fascinating year and one in which Republicans, if they stay on the message of “anti-mandate”, “pro law and order” and such topics, will have some big wins across the nation.

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  • Donna C Krecklow says:

    Thanks for the info and analysis. I enjoy your posts and was glad to see the change in Oregon. There is hope – now if all the naysayers would just get out the vote instead of complaining about voter fraud, we just might be able to make a meaningful change. Every vote counts.


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