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Casey Runyan in House District 9 of Oregon has GOP Troubles

Casey Runyan won the Republican Primary in House District 9.  He had an incident in his past that was made public this week.  The story was in The World newspaper in Coos Bay, Oregon as well as the Statesman Journal … Continue reading

Why are “Republican” donors giving to Democratic Governor Kitzhaber?

I understand “hedging one’s bet” but this is ridiculous.  As per this story from the Oregonian newspaper (Read HERE) Big time wealthy donors Andrew Miller of Stimson Lumber and Rick Miller of Avamere have given a combined $35,000 to Democratic … Continue reading

Guest Opinion: Sen. Doug Whitsett of Klamath Falls on “Right to Work”

I couldn’t write it any better so why try?  Here is a guest opinion from Klamath Falls State Senator Doug Whitsett: Oregon should be 25th state to adopt Right to Work Law In a truly free market economy, labor relations … Continue reading

Food Labeling is More Important Than Innocent Life in Oregon

Yesterday I spent the better part of an hour lamenting the fact that “Stop Taxpayer Funding of Abortion” couldn’t get the 117,000 signatures needed to put on the November ballot the opportunity for Oregonians to vote on the taxpayer funding … Continue reading

Independent Party of Oregon: Not So Independent?

The IPO or Independent Party of Oregon wants to break free of the “shackles” of the 2 major parties in Oregon,  Democratic and Republican.  So, why then are ALL of their candidates for the primary this summer from those 2 … Continue reading