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Liberal Talker Breaks FCC Rules on Air

Ed Schultz the failed MSNBC host still has a radio show……somewhere.  In the last few days he’s gone off the deep end but never quite like this. In over 30 years of radio broadcasting not once have I EVER lost … Continue reading

The Income Equity Myth Busted: But does Oregon Labor Commissioner Know That?

In yesterday’s editorial page of the local newspaper, Oregon Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian lamented the “income equity gap” that truly is a myth. Here is his editorial piece:  Brad Avakian on Ending Pay Gap Now today is “Equal Pay Day” … Continue reading

Is Ronald Reagan Relevant to Today’s New Voters?

I Absolutely LOVED Ronald Reagan…..but… Ronald Reagan is one of my greatest heroes in American history. I turned 18 and could vote in 1978 but it was an “off presidential” year so I had to wait to vote for him … Continue reading

Rep. Jason Conger for US Senate

Normally if I were on the air during this primary season, I’d remain neutral as I have in past elections on most races if there are more than one Republican running. Now that I have been forced off the air, … Continue reading

Matthew McConaughey Is a Little Confused

I will admit right now, I stopped watching the Academy Awards oh about 1992 maybe.  When did Bob Hope stop hosting them?  Wait, Billy Crystal?  Well, you get the idea, I’ve lost my interest. So last night after catching up … Continue reading