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Mike Nearman: A Gracious Winner, faces an ungracious loser

As I have reported on the show recently and have had Mike Nearman on several times since the primary to discuss this, he is now facing a battle on 2 fronts in House District 23.  This sad turn of events … Continue reading

How YOU Can Change The Course of History

Ok maybe that’s a bit over the top for a title but I wanted to catch your attention to the seriousness of this article. November 4, 2014 is one of if not the, most important elections in American history. This … Continue reading

GOP Candidates Need Not Run from Social Issues, They Can Win On Them!

h/t to Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro for a GREAT article.  GOP Runs from social issues and will stay in minority After you read and digest that story, please consider what he says.  Voters CAN be won by standing by our Republican … Continue reading

The Assault on The Second Amendment Continues

It’s NEVER over with the “gun grabbers”.  They will NEVER give up until all guns are banned (except for the ones that criminals and gang bangers will always have).  I am convinced that in the 2015 Oregon Legislature, the usual … Continue reading

“Open Primary” or “Top Two Finishers” is a BAD Idea for Oregon

Ballot measure 90, which will be on the November ballot in Oregon is a bad, bad idea for our Republic and for our state. The idea is to get “more voters involved” in the primary process.  I understand and am … Continue reading