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Listen to Bill live! Weekdays 6-9am pst.


10-19-17 Wayne Allyn Root on new Vegas Shooting info, Allan Erickson from Operation Oregon, Sen. Kim Thatcher plus OSAA decision and car tax

10-18-17 MLB to Portland? PERS reform with Dick Hughes, a rabbit story? Cynthia Kendoll with Oregonians for Immigration Reform on IP22

10-17-17 Replay of Brigitte Gabriel, Anne Marie Gurney and Bill Currier, live with Denyc Boles for Marion Co. Commissioner and Bruce Thornton on gun control

10-16-17 Rep. Matt Wand on “book bans”, James Hirsen on Harvey Weinstein, taxes, Transportation Package

10-13-17 David Crowe of Restore America, David Horowitz NYT Best selling author, more on drunk driving