Listen to Bill live! Weekdays 3-6pm pst.
Listen to Bill live! Weekdays 3-6pm pst.


12-12-17 James Hirsen on Calif fires and environmentalists, news on Judge Vance Day, Rep. Ron Noble on PERS bill plus we talk “wigwams”

12-11-17 Rep. David Brock Smith on LNG pipeline, Sen. Alan Olsen on “cap and trade”, Rep. Rich Vial on “fertility bill” and guest appearance Justin Herr

12-08-17 State Rep candidates Ben Schimmoller and Kevin Chambers, Allen Alley on 1st Amendment issue, Mike Strickland, Kerry Lutz on NFL ratings/money losses

12-06-17 Katie Eyre on GOP tax plan, Kevin Starrett of OFF on CHL Reciprocity bill, Dick Hughes on PERS reform, Aaron Withe of Freedom Foundation

12-05-17 James Hirsen on Kate Steinle travesty of justice, Joel Gilbert’s new movie on Trump, PDX protests, Colorado cake baker at SCOTUS