Listen to Bill live! Weekdays 3-6pm pst.
Listen to Bill live! Weekdays 3-6pm pst.


Bill is a State Representative from House District 25 in the Oregon Legislature.  This makes him very unique to talk radio and gives him a very different knowledge background into how government really works.

All of his life, Bill Post wanted to be a radio deejay. As a kid he loved listening to the Top 40 jocks on the radio spinning the records and dreamed of one day doing that. He got his start at a college station in 1979 and hasn’t looked back since.

After stints in Top 40, Country, Oldies even Jazz for nearly 30 years, making lots of friends in the radio and records industry Bill came to a point where, with automation, canned voicetracked deejays and satellite radio, that he could no longer work in radio.

Bill got a degree in History from what was then called Southern Oregon State College, all the while working in radio. He also spent a few years with his wife in Hawaii working for the world famous “Snorkel Bob”!

Bill is married and has one son and is an active member, as a trustee and Sunday School teacher in his Evangelical Church.

Bill’s goal each day is to bring information and news that is pertinent to Oregon and the Mid Willamette Valley with a lot of humor and a dose of common sense but never compromising on his Christ centered values. This is NOT your usual Conservative Talk Show!

Every weekday, Bill talks about the things that affect listeners here in the Salem-Keizer area, The Willamette Valley, Oregon in general as well as the national and world issues that affect all of us. Bill comes at politics from a very different point of view.

Using his nearly 30 years of top 40 radio experience along with a sharp wit and keen eye for the unusual Bill will make you laugh but also make you think. With guests including: local politicians, State Legislators, US Senators and Congressmen, Hollywood columnists, best selling authors, Conservative Political Activists, theologians, national talk show hosts and more, The Bill Post Radio Show is always on top of whatever is going on in the world of conservatism but considers the State of Oregon, his home, as the most important part of the world to save.

Bill is waving the conservative flag high and making the stand for Common Sense in America. As the only local talk show host in Salem-Keizer and the Willamette Valley who completely covers the Oregon Legislature, Bill is your voice there as well. With “The Wednesday Whine” and open phones every day, you can make your voice heard, as well.

Hi, this is Bill Post. I want to personally thank you for coming to my website and for listening to my show. I am humbled by every person who writes or calls in and for every person who takes time from their busy day to listen to my show. I hope you find something of interest on this site, something that will help you stay informed and engaged in the political process so that we can save Oregon and the United States of America from the tyranny that is coming from within!