Listen to Bill live! Weekdays 3-6pm pst.
Listen to Bill live! Weekdays 3-6pm pst.

Oregon Ballot Measure Petitions in One Place

September 10, 2017

I know that there are a LOT of potential 2018 ballot measure petitions that are floating around and I’ve talked on the air and on social media about most of them, but I hadn’t found a good way to get all of them to you at one time….then I found this website:


This will give you what they are, where to find their websites and what numbers and titles they are at this time.  Keep in mind that most if not all of them, are due by Oct. 5th at 5pm so in essence, the end of this month.

This is way that YOU and I can really be active and engaged voters in Oregon.  Sign them all or the ones you feel most passionate about, but get to them right away.

I am not saying this is the complete list, there may be some missing but this is the majority of them!

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