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Keep up the pressure on HB 2800 CRC bill!

February 27, 2013

Below are two radio ads going after those who support the Columbia River Crossing (CRC) HB 2800.

We know that Senators Boquist, Ferrioli, George, Esquivel, Kruse, Thomsen, Close, Girod and Whitsett are definite “No’s” but what about:

Sen. Jackie Winters, Tim Knopp, Bill Hansell and Bruce Starr?  If you live in their districts, PLEASE give their office a call or email.

Sen. Winters   503-986-1710

Sen. Knopp          503-986-1727

Sen. Hansell          503-986-1729

There are others that I am pretty sure on, but it wouldn’t hurt to contact them as well.  We MUST keep the pressure on these Senate Republicans because if even 2 Democrats come over this bill is DEAD!

Click on THIS LINK for the rest of the GOP Senators, then click on their pictures for phone and email.

former Republican Rep. Jeff Kropf on Sen. Jackie Winters

Former Democrat Rep. Jefferson Smith and Former Republican Rep. Katie Eyre

6 Responses to Keep up the pressure on HB 2800 CRC bill!

  • Rosemary Scott says:

    I just spoke to Senator Winters assistant. I was told she is in caucus until late this afternoon, but that she has not made a decision about HB2800; however for every argument I made, she had a comback. She said that Salem Hospital is supporting this bill and other Salem businesses. She said they are requesting more research. I have known her since before she entered politics. I have supported her in her elections. I am a member one of the same political organizations. I advised that I could no longer support her if she decides to run for re-election if she supports this issue. I was NOT satisfied with the response I received and I stand behind my no confidence stance–I am a PCP and I will no longer support her if she choses to remain in politics.

  • Alona Adams - Dallas,OR says:

    Is it OK call those three Republican even though you don’t live in their district because if it pass, won’t all Oregonians be taxed to pay for this bridge?

  • Bill Post says:

    You bet Alona, hit them all! Of course when they are from your district it carries more weight with them but still they need to hear from ALL Oregonians!

  • Judith McKenney says:

    I just emailed ALL the Senators, except those on the list above who are definite no’s! I signed my note, with my name followed by “citizen of Oregon”. We are ALL affected by their decisions in Salem and, therefore, we ALL have a right to press them to make the right choices.

  • Day two and another round of emails sent regarding HB2800. Thanks for keeping us informed and rallying the troops to keep the pressure on!

  • Bill Post says:

    Thanks Denise and Judith! Great job by all so far, let’s keep after them!

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