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Last Chance to Stop the Boondoggle CRC Project!

February 26, 2013

This is our last chance to stop this project NOW.  HB 2800 moves on to the Oregon Senate in the next few days.  I will tell you this, Sen. Larry George is a definite “NO” vote on this bill so please don’t bother his office.  I am very concerned that a certain Senator has ambitions of leadership and may be voting “YES” for reasons that have nothing to do with right or wrong but for political reasons.  Keep an eye on Sen. Ted Ferrioli (I can assure you he’s a “NO” vote)  as he is the leader and another senator is gunning for his position.  If you listened to yesterday’s show, you know I was very unhappy with the 13 GOP Representatives who voted for this project.   Some of them from parts of the state that it makes NO sense for them to have voted for this.  When the reasoning comes down to: “well you should have seen this bill before we worked on it, it is much better now”, you have already lost your argument! I also believe that our House and Senate GOP members are being pressured by POWERFUL lobbyists who MAY be (and this is purely speculation) telling the legislator “you will not get our campaign dollars if you vote “no”.”

The House Republican Caucus, for some strange reason, is under the impression that there is still a 30-30 tie and that if we “play nice” they’ll get their bills passed too.  I hate to break it to them but the House Democrats do NOT need your votes.  They could have passed the tuition equity for illegal aliens on a party vote but no, 5 Republicans voted with them.  Same could be said for the CRC bill.  It WOULD have passed with NO GOP help.  Shame on those who voted for this colossal waste of taxpayer dollars.  Now it’s up to our State Senators.  Please follow the directions below.

The below portion is thanks to Karla Kay Edwards at Americans for Prosperity:

We have one last opportunity to stop HB 2800. The Oregon House of Representatives just approved a blank check to fund the boondoggle known as the Columbia River Crossing (CRC). Our last hope is to stop the Oregon Senate from moving forward. We must make the Senate hear the voices of the grassroots rather than the crony capitalists.

See below for a list of Senators to call right now and talking points you can use to pursuade them!

Why should you be concerned about CRC? It is clear that a vote for HB2800 is a vote in support of a gas tax in 2015. Just four years ago, Oregon taxpayers approved the largest gas tax increase in our history, yet by 2015 we will be out of money because the CRC will suck every dime out of the current fund. There will be no other way to pay our share of the $3.5 billion, but to pass another gas tax or see all other transportation projects come to a stand still. This will result in creating pressure statewide to increase the gas tax in 2015. Are you concerned yet? The proposed tolls will be a drop in the bucket compared to the real impact taxpayers would feel at the gas pump.

Talking points to share with the Senators:

·        A vote for HB 2800 is a vote for a gas tax increase in 2015.

·        There is no justification for an emergency clause on this bill. It is a blatant attempt to hurry the bill through without letting it get public scrutiny.

·        The bill should go through the Ways & Means Committee to shine light on the true financial impact it will have on each and every citizen in Oregon.

·        Oregon is once again willing to trade permanent Oregonian jobs for the prospect of a few temporary ones that are not likely to even go to Oregonians.

·        There is clearly no financial plan or accountability if the project has cost over-runs. In a Congressional Research report issued on 12/26/2012, it is clearly stated that the federal funding for transportation and mass transit projects will be inadequate as of 2014, yet Oregon is still heading blindly down the path of no return.

Please call every Senator listed below RIGHT NOW!

Co-Chair Senator Bruce Starr      503-986-1715

Senator Herman Baertschiger      503-986-1702

Senator Brian Boquist                 503-986-1712

Senator Betsy Close                   503-986-1708

Senator Ted Ferrioli                     503-986-1950

Senator Larry George                   503-986-1713

Senator Fred Girod                      503-986-1709

Senator Bill Hansell                     503-986-1729

Senator Tim Knopp                      503-986-1727

Senator Jeff Kruse                       503-986-1701

Senator Alan Olsen                      503-986-1720

Senator Chuck Thomsen              503-986-1726

Senator Dou Whitsett                  503-986-1728

Senator Jackie Winters                503-986-1710

5 Responses to Last Chance to Stop the Boondoggle CRC Project!

  • Jairus says:

    The liberal agenda marches on unchecked because the bulk of the population doesn’t care and is totally misinformed.

  • Becky Hilkey says:

    Hundreds of millions have already been spent. The fancy design team keeps ignoring the ship builders that keep saying it is not tall enough!

  • Jake says:

    Oh but there is a reason for the emergency clause; that clause makes a referendum impossible, meaning the public will never be allowed to gather signatures to put it to a statewide vote.

    Recommended 8

  • Bill Post says:

    TALK to the ones who are “yes” votes as of right now: Winters, Knopp and Hansell.

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