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Wisdom From a Feed Store in Scio

February 25, 2013

With all of the hysteria (rightfully so) over HB 3200 this past weekend, I came to the office this morning, opened the usual 300 or so emails and found one from Audie Hekkila the “evil capitalist” who owns the Scio Feed Store in Scio, Oregon.  I think he’s on to something:

Well let the games begin.  If there is to be testimony on HB3200 I would like a day and time to address the bill.  I do not believe this is a serious attempt to pass a bill.  This is a rare opportunity to crush them.  They wrote a bad bill that will be virtually impossible to defend in public.  I am asking our state representatives and senators: Do not let it die prematurely, we have the true colors of the opposition spelled out for every one.  The public needs to see this bill and it needs the light of day.  We can stop this bill at our choosing and even if passed would fail a court challenge.  We have them, we need to lure more of the opposition into this trap.  We need to encourage those who would support this bill to do so.  We need them to see light at the end of the tunnel on this bill.  This is a golden opportunity. 

  If we dispose of this bill too early we will lose a great opportunity, if you can get the Republican party to move slow we can hit them so hard they won’t want to see a gun control bill for years.   This bill could split the left wing of the Democratic party from the rest.  Make this their fight.  By moving it out to the floor where the Democrats expect this to die quickly it helps them, don’t do it.  They will have in-fighting the likes we have not seen since the green party.  Opportunity comes in strange ways and I think they just handed us a magic bullet on this issue.  We can give any Republican that helps, all of the cover they need on this bill.  They can vote it out of committee but, for the stated reason this issue deserves a final hearing.  They can publicly state they will not support it on the floor and if we champion them for doing it, we will have the moral high ground all the way through this fight and destroy their taste for this issue. We could close the gun control issue for several sessions.  We can sell this as the final word on gun control in Oregon.  

I think Audie has hit this right on the head!  This is not a bill that ANY Democrat (outside of Ginny Burdick, Floyd Prozanski and Mitch Greenlick) really wants to deal with.  As evidence I submit to you this video from Dan Sandini of Daylight Disinfectant, taken of Rep. Ben Unger at a “town hall coffee stop” this past Saturday:

Does this mean we stop calling our State Representative and State Senators?  By all means NO!  Just keep a very watchful eye on what proceeds in the next couple of weeks and stay tuned to our radio show as we continue to try to let you know what the legislature is up to.  The bills are coming fast and hard but we’ll try to keep up!  Please continue to help us with any news you get that we can pass on.  Email me or post to these stories on the website.

2 Responses to Wisdom From a Feed Store in Scio

  • Becky says:

    Before the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Obamacare, I probably would have felt the same way as Audie, but now I do not trust our courts.

    After the I5 bridge vote today…I’m wondering if there is anyone in Salem, or Washington DC, who have any common sense?!

  • Bill Post says:

    I can’t argue with that Becky!

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