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Gay Marriage Agenda Goes Beyond Marriage: It’s about Hate

February 12, 2013

Here in Oregon we are about to be faced with TWO ballot measures in 2014 (if enough signatures are gathered) to REWRITE our State Constitution to allow same sex marriage.  Now we will debate that in time but what I want to do here is show exhibit A of the hatred of the homosexual community.  “You better think OUR way or else!” (see article here: Same Sex Marriage Ballot Measures)

From Fox Radio News (pick your news source, they all same the same thing) the story of the Superman Comics writer being “anti gay”.  He is NOT “anti-gay” he is “pro traditional marriage”.  There’s a BIG difference but that doesn’t matter to the homosexual community.  Here’s the story: DC Comics Faces Boycott Over Anti-Gay Superman Writer

As huge supporter of DC Comics as both a reader and subscriber, I am very happy that DC is supporting the First Amendment Rights of this writer!  Hooray for them and here’s to hoping they don’t cave to pressure.  Buy a Superman comic today!!  I know just the place: Tony’s Kingdom of Comics in Keizer.

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One Response to Gay Marriage Agenda Goes Beyond Marriage: It’s about Hate

  • mark mcc says:

    Could be me but I’m still not finding the site for the Oregon legislation.

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