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Legislators Nervous About Capitol Gun Rally

February 5, 2013

There’s another Gun Rally planned for the State Capitol this Friday in Salem and this time the legislators will be in the building.  I found this story at the Oregonian this evening and found it VERY amusing!  Gun rights advocates could bring protest — and loaded weapons — inside Oregon Capitol

Shocking!  They might bring loaded weapons….INTO the capitol???  No!!  God help us all!

My favorite part of the story: Senate President Peter Courtney D-Salem, said the prospect has raised questions about security at the Capitol. He said he has to weigh legitimate concerns about safety with Oregon’s rugged, outdoorsy culture.  “There’s an independence about Oregon,” he said. “Should we have metal detectors? Should we have barricades? I go back and forth. My state is beautiful because it’s open. It’s accessible.”

Oh to be broadcasting that day from on location!  Unfortunately we aren’t able to do that this time but maybe next time.  I hope everyone has a great day at the rally and the point is made: we have a Constitutional right to bear arms and we WILL bear them!  God Bless America!


Here is my earlier blog report from my old blog on the rally that had 3,000 back on January 19th. (Note the Glock 9mm on my right side and the Taurus .357 on the left, I just love guns!)  Guns Across America Rally 1-19-2013 with Bill Post and Friends

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